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Site Director Highlight: Selena Wright, Denver

Be The Neighbor Site Directors work with local nonprofits and subject matter experts to plan a trip that teaches participants about the different topics impacting the communities they serve, and many communities around the United States. They work hard to develop our trips and we couldn't fulfill our mission to live lives of love, service, and justice without them. We find them all inspiring and want to share with you, so that you can be inspired too!

Selena Wright will be the Site Director in Denver, CO, a new site for 2024. Groups in Denver will learn about Environmental Justice and Creation Care.

How long have you worked with Be The Neighbor?

This will be my first year as a Site Director, but I attended a Be The Neighbor trip to Albuquerque last summer.

What are you most looking forward to for this summer?

I am so excited to meet youth and adults who share a call and passion to care for our Earth. It will be a joy to wonder and work with them as we find diverse ways to care for this world God has given us!

Tell us more about the justice topic that groups will focus on at your site. How does that issue impact your community?

Environmental Justice is foundational to our lives and our faith. While each location across the world has unique climate challenges, in Colorado our greatest impacts are around water, heat, and wildfires. Though the ways we address these issues reveals our interconnectedness as we address food, transportation, consumption and waste- things that apply to all of us!

What does your life look like when you're not being a Site Director for Be The Neighbor?

I am the mom to three girls, partner of a Middle School History Teacher, and the Pastor of Kirk of Bonnie Brae United Church of Christ. I am a committed friend and will not say no to spending time with my dear friends at the beach even though I am a mountain person through and through.


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