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Where Are They Now? Past Summer Interns: Meg Kofron

"Where Are They Now? Past Summer Interns" is a blog series that aims to highlight the incredible young people that spend their summers interning with Be The Neighbor. The same way that our trips aim to equip participants with the new skills and connections to live lives of love, service, and justice when they go home, our hope is that are interns are inspired to do the same! They come to us with a passion and we want them to spend their summer learning how they can use the skills and commitment to justice that they already have to continue their work towards a more just world.

Meet Meg Kofron

Meg started working with Reach Beyond Mission in 2019 after going on service-learning trips throughout her life. When Reach Beyond Mission united with Connect Ministries to become Be The Neighbor, Meg stayed on board and continued to work with us through the Summer of 2023, helping with administrative projects throughout the year, and serving as a Summer Intern each summer.

During her time with Reach Beyond Mission and Be The Neighbor, Meg served with groups in Texas City, Austin, Dallas, Tucson, San Antonio, and Eagle Pass.

Tell us a little bit about your experiences as a member of the Staff. What were your favorite things or the things that stuck with you?

My favorite thing about working as an intern was getting to be on multiple mission trips each summer. I would be teaching, but also learning so much. I got to witness youth find passions and learn about many different nonprofits doing justice work within their

communities. Not only did the kids do charity work but we taught them about how these care justice issues started and how we could look to fix them. It was always different each week which provided new opportunities to grow and learn.

Tell us more about what you're doing today either in your work and/or extra curriculars. How did your experience with Be The Neighbor, Reach, or Connect help you to get there or prepare you for the work you're doing?

Today I am working at The Good Shepherd UCC in one of the cities I worked in with Be The Neighbor. While I was an intern, I was able to network and meet adults who were doing the work I had always wanted to do. Once the summer came to a close I reached out, to my now boss, and asked if he knew of any jobs. The rest is history!

I am doing Community Organizing and Faith Development while also working with migrants along the border. The work is challenging but I have really enjoyed diving head first into living in a border town and truly supporting our neighbors.

What would you say to others who are considering applying?

I would say get ready to want a job in public service and to be poor! Haha. No in all seriousness, I would say it is really rewarding but it is emotionally involved work. You will meet people who will see the best in you and want to support you the rest of your life.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I will always be grateful for my time as an intern with Be The Neighbor. Also now I know how to spell the word neighbor with no trouble.

To learn more about interning with Be The Neighbor, visit


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