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Site Director Highlight: Kylie Graham, Kansas City

Be The Neighbor Site Directors work with local nonprofits and subject matter experts to plan a trip that teaches participants about the different topics impacting the communities they serve, and many communities around the United States. They work hard to develop our trips and we couldn't fulfill our mission to live lives of love, service, and justice without them. We find them all inspiring and want to share with you, so that you can be inspired too!

This summer, Kylie Graham will be leading the six congregations who are bringing their groups to learn about Justice 101 in Kansas City!

How long have you worked with Be The Neighbor?

This is my first summer!

What are you most looking forward to?

I am so excited to connect groups to the important work being done in the Greater Kansas City area. I am proud to call this city home and work alongside community partners promoting justice for all of our neighbors. I can’t wait to learn from and grow with the groups visiting this summer.

Tell us more about the justice topic that groups will focus on at your site. How does that issue impact your community? Tell us about your passion for that topic.

In Kansas City, our visiting groups have the option to pick from a few different topics. We are connected to community leaders focused on a range of issues including Racial Justice, Labor Justice, Voting Justice, Legislative Justice, Interfaith Justice, and Ecology Justice. We believe that all of these topics intersect and overlap with each other. It is important that our groups choose a topic they are passionate about and can relate to their own communities following their visit to KC.

What does your life look like when you're not being a Site Director for Be The Neighbor?

Outside of my work with Be The Neighbor I am a Camp and Conference Coordinator for the Greater Kansas City Region Christian Church Disciples of Christ and a freelance photographer. I work to plan our region’s youth summer camps and conferences. When I’m not busy planning camps or mission trips I’ve got a camera in my hand. I work with local papers as well as USA Today Sports. I cover local news and sports. When I’m not working I am usually with friends or trying something new. I have recently started crocheting and I have a Duolingo streak I am very proud of!


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